About North Deck

The North Deck is nestled in the lush coastal rainforest of Trinidad, the larger of the two land masses that constitute the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Home to the greatest Carnival on earth. Located just off the tip of Venezuela and the southern most island of the Caribbean, we are an ethnically diverse population of just about 1.3 million people. A unique paradise where cultures, the wonders of nature, a budding industrial sector, culinary delights and a lively nightlife fuse with each other creating what can only be referred to as the "Trini" spirit. Go to www.gotrinidadandtobago.com to learn more.

The deck is designed to accommodate several of the large rainforest trees that grow up from the forest floor through a series of strategically placed holes in its surface. This gives the impression that the platform itself is set in the treetops and forms part of the canopy. The entire structure is backed by a thick growth of ferns and flowering bushes.

The North Deck is accessed via a well constructed, concrete surfaced road that is the original Fond Pois Doux road, which is a French phrase meaning "a gathering area for sweet peas". This brings you to the doorstep of the North Deck. Cocoa and coffee were once grown here; a relic of that time can be seen in the old cocoa house still standing on the hillside.

From the deck's rim, approximately 1800 feet above sea level, there is a magnificent view looking northward to the island of Grenada with the unspoiled rainforest running down to a wild shoreline broken by the lovely, untouched Paragon Beach. Just offshore Saut D'Eau island, a rocky outcrop that is the roosting place for a large population of seabirds including pelicans and gulls. On a clear day one can see as far as our sister island of Tobago to the northeast.

Learn More About the Flora and Fauna

Trinidad's proximity to South America, lends itself to a diverse collection of flora and fauna. The species lists are impressive: 108 mammals, 468 birds, 55 reptiles; 25 amphibians; and 617 butterflies. There are very few countries in the region that can boast such a diversity of species for its size.

The climate in Trinidad is tropical and humid. However, North Deck's mid-montane location tempers the heat to a very pleasant 65-86 degrees F. (18-30 C.). The long dry season, when the most striking vegetation is in bloom, lasts from January until May. The balance of the year constitutes the rainy season. Rains, while they can be frequently torrential, are usually very intermittent.

  • Woodpeckers
  • Woodcreepers
  • Ovenbirds
  • Antbirds
  • Manakins
  • Swallows
  • Wrens
  • Mockingbirds
  • Old World Warblers
  • Gnatcatchers
  • Peppershrikes
  • Vireos
  • American Orioles
  • Wood Warblers
  • Bananaquits
  • Swallow Tanagers
  • Honeycreepers
  • Tanager
  • Finches
  • Seedeaters
  • Grosbeaks

Services at the NorthDeck

The North Deck is available for corporate and private functions including retreats, weddings, cocktail parties, and general rentals, for a maximum capacity of two hundred and fifty (250) attendees within 7500 sq. ft. (upper and lower levels combined) of entertainment area.

When you walk through the entrance you are greeted by a 5000 sq. ft. open deck area with a covered gazebo and stunning north coast views. On the same level are washroom areas for both male and female, each with one regular and one wheel chair accessible facility.

On the lower level you'll find 2500 sq. ft. of covered area, 22 four-seater tables, and our on-site kitchen with professional amenities including stainless steel surfaces and has running water which must be used resourcefully. The lower level is also accessible to wheel chairs.

The deck receives power from T&TEC, is supported by a back up generator, and has running water.

  1. Is North Deck available to the public?

    North Deck is a private property which is only available for private events or bookings. The venue can be booked for various types of events and activities such as bird watching, photography, tea parties, weddings, corporate retreats and other private functions.

  2. How many guests can North Deck accommodate?

    On the upper deck, a maximum of 250 guests can be accommodated cocktail style and 150 guests seated. On the lower deck, 90 guests can be seated comfortably.

  3. Are we able to have both a wedding ceremony and reception at North Deck?

    Yes, both the ceremony and reception can take place at North Deck.

  4. Is North Deck available to the public?

    Viewings are available most days but require 1-2 days notice. To arrange a viewing please call 491-DECK (3325).

  5. What is the parking like at North Deck?

    For events with over 50 guests, parking is available at Trinity College Moka for a fee of $1,000 and shuttles would need to be rented to transport guests to and from Trinity and North Deck throughout the duration of the event. For 100 guests about 3 twelve-seater shuttles would be recommended.

    15 parking spots are available for guests.

  6. Can we bring in our own vendors for our event at North Deck?

    Yes, outside vendors are allowed. For a list of preferred vendors, email nichola_thomson@hotmail.com. We strongly recommend Events Land who provide a number of services for events: http://www.eventslandlimited.com

  7. What decorations can be used for our event at North Deck?

    Decorations that are nailed, tacked or screwed into wooden pillars or railings are not permitted. Instead we kindly ask that decorations be tied to pillars or railings. Decorations are not allowed on trees and for special permission would be required for the use of chinese lanterns. The use of candles is allowed however must be used with hurricane glasses and/or be somewhat covered. Due to possible fire hazards and in an aim to keep the venue as safe as possible, no fireworks or floating fire lanterns are permitted.

  8. Is security required at North Deck?

    North Deck recommends that clients hire at least 2 security for events held at this venue.

  9. Does the rental of North Deck come with any furniture?

    The rental comes with 22 wooden 3'x3' tables and 6 of lifetime tables 6' in length.

  10. How do you get to the North Deck?

    As you enter the North Coast Road to Maracas (the pillars), approximately 5-7 mins drive there is a concrete hill on the left called Fond Pois Doux Road. Drive up, after the second bend at the top on the right hand side you should see some large wooden gates with a North Deck sign.

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